D/S Drøbak
A/S Nesodden Dampskibsselskab, Oslo
/S Nesodden-Bundefjord Dampskipsselskap, Oslo - 1941)
129 gt
Built in Trondheim 1897. Previous name: Bygdø until 1904.

Pre war history: Delivered in 1897 from A/S Trondhjem Mek. Verksted, Trondheim (78) as Bygdø to Bygdø Nye Dampskibsselskab, Oslo. Steel hull, 95.6’ x 18.5’ x 5.8’, 129 gt, 2cyl Compound 215ihp, registered for 240 passengers, also had a small hold for 8 tons cargo. In regularly scheduled service Oslo-Bygdø Sjøbad. Not doing well financially. Sold in Nov.-1904 to A/S Næsoddens Dampskibsselskab, Oslo, renamed Drøbak. In service Oslo- west side of Nesodden-Svelvik, and was in this service all year long, unlike several of the company's other vessels which were especially intended for use in the summertime when people living in the city wanted to go to the countryside. In 1915 owning company changed its name to A/S Nesodden Dampskibsselskab, Oslo.

WW II: In Febr.-1941 the company fused with A/S Nesodden-Bundefjord Dampskipsselskap, Oslo, and the 2 companies' routes were combined.

POST WAR: Rebuilt in 1949, interior modernized, 147 gt, a 4cyl 2tev Union 300bhp 12 knots motor installed. As per 1955 she was 142 gt. Sold in 1965 to G. C. Tannous, Piraeus, Greece, renamed Doris Barbara (for owner's daughter). Resold to unknown owner in Kuwait 1965, renamed Feiruz. On June 20-1965, when on her voyage from Oslo to Kuwait to be delivered to the new owner she was lost in the Persian Gulf, 27N 52 40E. 3 crew died, all from A/S Nesodden-Bundefjord Dampskipsselskap.

(Info received from T. Eriksen, Norway - His source: Article about A/S Nesodden-Bundefjord D/S by Harald Lorentzen in Skipet 3.90 and misc.).